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Women: The Pioneering, Powerful, & Persevering

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Most of us are now aware that the month of March was National Women’s History Month. When I first learned about this, I was very interested in this commemoration's roots and history. Upon further research, I found that even as late as the 1970s, women’s history was not a very well-known topic. Due to this, the Education Task Force of Sonoma County in California Commission started a “Women’s History Week” celebration in 1978. This movement received more support in 1980 when President Carter declared the week of March 8th, 1980 as National Women’s History Week. Barbara Mikulski (in the House of Representatives) and Senator Orrin Hatch also co-sponsored a congressional resolution this week to honor American women. By 1986, fourteen states had already announced March as Women’s History Month.

This brings me to my next point of discussion. What exactly are we celebrating during this month? In March, we recognize the women who have displayed countless amounts of courage and wisdom. They have fearlessly fought for our equal rights and opportunities. These women are an integral part of our history and will continue to shape the future of our nation. In our history, we see that women of color especially have been on the front lines. They have advocated as abolitionists, civil rights leaders, suffragists, and labor activists. Women also continue to fight for our reproductive rights, racial justice, and LGBTQI+ equality. They excel in their fields as educators, doctors, scientists, community leaders, first responders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

At 3d Psychotherapy, the Clinical Geek Squad also wanted to honor the contributions of some of the most powerful women in our history. Their work continues to improve our lives to this day. What better way to do this than through our worldwide social media platforms? Each day of this month, we used the 3d Psychotherapy Facebook platform to commemorate one woman and a popular quote said by her. Some of the women that we recognized this month were Helen Keller, Emily Dickinson, Michelle Obama, and Mother Teresa. March is very important to us as we work to promote gender equity and equality and help our clients to recognize the opportunities that lie ahead.

I want to end this blog by talking about ways that we can all celebrate by prioritizing our mental health and well-being. First, we must set healthy boundaries with others so that we can protect our emotional and mental space. This will also foster a healthier relationship with ourselves and others. Next, we must practice positivity. Daily affirmations and incorporating self-care into your routine can help to deal with a negative self-image. This will also lead to higher self-esteem and a more positive mindset. It is also important to add simple physical activities such as walking, deep breathing, and meditation. These exercises can help to reduce stress and improve your emotional and physical health. We believe that healing is a multifaceted process and something that we can take part in together. We are all brave and sometimes, all it takes is a simple intention to want to make a change. Finally, I want to remind all of us that mental health comes first every month, not just this month.

About the Author

Shifa Sohani graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Biology in 2021. She currently works as the Client Care Coordinator at 3d Psychotherapy located in Decatur, GA. Some of her roles include administrative processes, tracking client participation and capacity, as well as marketing and networking for the company. She enjoys writing as a hobby and loves working with clients during their mental health journeys.



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