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Hello, I am Dr. Debra Dantzler, and I am the chief geek here at 3d Psychotherapy, LLC. About twelve years ago I started this practice. At that time, I worked in residential drug and alcohol treatment for homeless men. Service work was my jam and I never thought I would leave it.


I enjoyed my work with people in recovery. At the same time, it was hard to see friends and family members of our residents in so much pain. Desperation and frustration of trying to control their loved one's disease were pernicious. I built my private practice around the idea of having a safe space for them to go.


People connected to someone with the disease of addiction were often overachievers. They may have served as the family hero, fixer, or, as my friend Montoya would say "Jesus junior." There was always a lot of pressure, directly or indirectly, to keep things together.


I saw them, I heard them, dam I was them. Perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter phenomenon were what I experienced myself. The draw to trauma bond with unhealthy partners is a by-product of that chaos.


Over my 27-year career in behavioral health, I have worked hard to collect letters behind my name. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Services with a concentration in Addiction. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. I hold a Master Addiction Counselor certification. Also, I am a Board-Certified Counselor. I thought this collection of letters validated my worth.


I now have the awareness that my drive and my relationship with control connect. What I once thought was a superpower, control interfered with interpersonal relationships. It skewed my focus on the two human drivers of connection, and purpose.


I became able to accept that trying to control the entire chaotic world was not a healthy decision. I learned to let go, set, and maintain boundaries, and embrace joy every day. This action is a daily practice.


Doing the work of awareness, acceptance, and action is what I bring to the therapy space. I want to invite you to join me.

Debra Dantzler, PhD, LPC, MAC, NCC

About Us

"I love what I do. I do not take for granted that it is a privilege. To go with a person on their journey to wholeness. To bear witness to the human struggle for growth and the resulting victory of spirit and hope. My approach is gentle, accepting, optimistic, genuine, and compassionate."


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