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Reducing Barriers to Access:
How to Make Your First Appointment

Thank you for choosing us. We understand that therapy can be a scary or uncomfortable experience. Where you have to be vulnerable and open while sharing your past experiences with a new person. Although challenging. I am here to reassure you that 3d Psychotherapy is a space of healing, positivity, strength, and growth. 

Our aim is to reduce the barriers to access. While also reducing ambivalence by streamlining the intake process.


The Schedule Now button below takes you to our online booking page. On the top right side of the page, it will say "View availability by Month" 

You may also click on the clinician's photo to read their bio and see what services they offer. Once you have selected your clinician go to the calendar to make an appointment for the initial assessment.


You will join the client portal by setting up a username (email) and password. The intake paperwork will arrive a few minutes after you join the client portal. 

The intake packet is due within 48 hours of when you set up your client portal. Because spaces fill up fast we cannot guarantee the date and time selected will still be available if the intake is not received within 48 hours.  

Please feel free to cal or text 404-600-4382 with any additional questions

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To enter the client portal for sending documents, messages, and paying invoices, click the following link:

If you are meeting virtually, click the button below. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for appointments that have already been scheduled. Choose your clinician's waiting room.

Communicate with your Therapist

We heard you. It can be hard to reach your therapist between sessions. We have established a designated email to message your clinician. Send the emails to The email will go to ALL Clinicians. These messages will not be stored. Your clinician will email you back from their email address if the message requires a response (not simply a running late notice). When sending emails via PLEASE put your clinician’s name in the Subject Line. (i.e. Message for Dr. Debra)


Update from 3d Psychotherapy

Announcing Focus 4 Success:
A Lifeline for College Freshmen with ADHD and Their Parents

Are you a college freshman with ADHD, feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of navigating this new phase of your life? Or perhaps you're a parent, anxious about your child's ability to succeed in college while managing their ADHD? We hear you. And we're here to help.

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce Focus 4 Success, a groundbreaking program designed specifically to guide college freshmen with ADHD through their first year of college.

Common Fears and Their Solutions

We've all heard the stories and perhaps experienced them ourselves: the anxiety of starting college, the struggle to keep up academically, the difficulty of establishing social connections, the daunting task of advocating for accommodations, and the fears surrounding medication management. As a student with ADHD or a parent, these fears are real and often heightened.

Fear: Independence and Time Management

The sudden transition from a structured high school environment to the relative freedom of college can be challenging. How will you manage your time and keep up with coursework?

Solution: Personalized Coaching

Focus 4 Success tackles this head-on. Our dedicated coaches work with students, offering practical strategies to manage time effectively, stay organized, and balance academic, social, and personal responsibilities.

Fear: Academic Pressure

College coursework can be intense. You may fear falling behind or not being able to keep up with your peers.


Solution: Academic Support and Strategies

Our program provides guidance on academic strategies tailored to the needs of students with ADHD. With our support, you'll learn how to focus effectively, manage coursework, and utilize study strategies that work best for your unique mind.


Fear: Social Adjustments

Fitting into a new social environment can seem like a monumental task. Will you make friends? How will you deal with potential misunderstandings or conflicts?


Solution: Social Skills Coaching

Focus 4 Success addresses this by offering coaching on effective communication, understanding social cues, and managing relationships. You'll gain confidence in your ability to make and maintain meaningful social connections.


Fear: Access to Services and Accommodations

Will you be able to advocate for yourself and ensure you get the accommodations you need?


Solution: Advocacy Guidance

Our program empowers students to understand their rights, recognize when they need help, and advocate for their needs effectively.


Fear: Medication Management

If you are on medication for ADHD, how will you manage it responsibly without parental oversight?


Solution: Self-Care Strategies

Our coaches provide guidance on responsible self-care, including connecting you with a prescriber for medication management, and ensuring that you can take care of your health independently.

With Focus 4 Success, students and parents can breathe a little easier. This program ensures that you, as a student, don't just make it to your sophomore year - you thrive during your freshman year, laying a strong foundation for the rest of your college experience.

Embrace the college journey with confidence. With Focus 4 Success, you're not alone.

Click the button below to schedule an appointment and start your journey to emotional wellness.

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