To enter the client portal for sending documents, messages, and paying invoices, click the following link:

If you are meeting virtually, click the button below. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for appointments that have already been scheduled. Choose your clinician's waiting room.

How to Make Your 1st Appointment

  1. Click the “Schedule Now” button

  2. Complete Demographic Information

  3. Set up your Account Password- VERY IMPORTANT- you will need this to schedule or change any future appointments.

  4. Click on Schedule an Appointment

  5. Select the service: “Initial Assessment” for in-person or "Online Initial Assessment" for telehealth

  6. Select the date and time by DOUBLE clicking on the time slot you desire (must be white, not grey) ALL appoints are scheduled on the hour

  7. Enter your Name, Email, and Phone number (the system will send the appointment reminder using this information)

  8. At the Top of the page complete the FORMS, Demographic Information, and the Billing and Insurance info

  9. At the Top of the page on the Right will be your name, click it to open the drop-down box

  10. Select Signature then either draw or type your signature

  11. After completing the Intake Forms, at the bottom, click Submit


Update from 3d Psychotherapy

Dear 3d Psychotherapy family,


What a journey this has been!!! In March 2020 we went 100% telehealth. Starting Monday, August 9th, 2021 we returned to in-person sessions.


So what does this mean:

  • Online sessions via will continue to be available. (Select "Online" when scheduling an appointment in your client portal.) is a safe HIPAA compliant platform and easy to access!

If you would like to attend sessions online, here is the procedure:

  • A private comfortable space is needed to ensure your confidentiality

  • ​A laptop or desktop that is stable is needed. If you use your cell phone, please mount it or ensure that it is stable. Moving around can disrupt the connection.

  • ​Login to the secure HIPAA compliant portal from the link below.

  • By typing your name to enter the online waiting room, you are agreeing to participate in teletherapy.

  • Test the strength of your connection once inside the online waiting room, so you may have to enter a few minutes before our scheduled time.


If you would like to attend sessions in person, here is the procedure:

  • 48 hours before your appointment you will receive the Reminder email as usual, but now it will contain questions about how you are feeling. If you DO NOT feel well or have been exposed to someone not feeling well, log in to your client portal IMMEDIATELY and change the appointment to ONLINE.

  • On the day of your appointment and you are feeling physically well, upon arrival remain in your car until just before your appointment. If you must sit in the waiting area, we ask that you wear your mask in that common area.

  • We are asking everyone to wash their hands upon entering the suite.

  • Once in the therapy room, the decision to continue to wear your mask during the session is between you and your therapist.

*** Scheduled therapy sessions will be either Online or InPerson based on the appointment confirmed 48 hours in advance. Therapists prepare for clinical sessions differently for each format therefore a scheduled in-person session may Not be switched at the time of the appointment to an online session. Your therapist can reserve the right to charge a missed appointment fee if this occurs. 


Our goal, as always is to continue to provide the supportive comfortable space that you have become accustomed to as a part of the 3d Psychotherapy community.

Click the button below to schedule an appointment and start your journey to emotional wellness.