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To enter the client portal for sending documents, messages, and paying invoices, click the following link:

If you are meeting virtually, click the button below. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for appointments that have already been scheduled. Choose your clinician's waiting room.

How to Make Your 1st Appointment

Thank you for choosing us. We understand that therapy can be a scary or uncomfortable experience. Where you have to be vulnerable and open while sharing your past experiences with a new person. Although challenging. I am here to reassure you that 3d Psychotherapy is a space of healing, positivity, strength, and growth. 

Our aim is to reduce the barriers to access. While also reducing ambivalence by streamlining the intake process.


The process below allows you to request an appointment for the initial assessment. You will join the client portal by setting up a username (email) and password. The intake paperwork will arrive a few minutes after joining the client portal. You can choose a clinician and their calendar will become visible. 

The intake packet is due within 48 hours of the appointment request. Because spaces fill up fast we cannot guarantee the date and time selected will still be available if the intake is not received within 48 hours.  


Update from 3d Psychotherapy

Dear Valued 3d Psychotherapy clients:

You are receiving this notice about changes in our practice effective January 1, 2023. We are making some changes to our fees.

Beginning January 1, 2023, the rate for Initial Assessments will increase by $20.  The rate for Individual therapy will increase by $25 dollars. The rate for Group therapy will decrease by $15. 

A new Good Faith Estimate is being sent to you via the client portal if you are self-pay.  As always, we commit to providing the highest quality of clinical care. This increase will enable us to continue to provide those high standards. Also, it will allow us to expand services within the community and help more people.

 We welcome your thoughts, questions, or concerns.  Direct thoughts, questions, or concerns to me, Debra Dantzler at

We so appreciate each of you and all the commitment shown to this practice. We look forward to our continued work together.

Sincere and Grateful,
Dr. Debra Dantzler

Click the button below to schedule an appointment and start your journey to emotional wellness.

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