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Anxiety Treatment in Decatur, GA

"Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions - not outside." Marcus Aurelius


Recently, I spent time with a group of people and I was surprised by how anxiety showed up in different ways for each of us. If we judge our anxiety by another’s anxiety, this could have the negative consequence of minimizing or ignoring our experience and not getting the help we need. ​

How do I know if the anxiety I am experiencing is worthy of seeking treatment?

Here is a quick video: Anxiety

Anxiety includes both apprehensive worry and physical symptoms.  Such as fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and insomnia. Anxiety can spiral quickly.

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What is Anxiety Treatment?

Anxiety treatment is more than deep breathing.

Anxiety treatment is more than sitting still.

Anxiety treatment is more than worrying less.


Anxiety treatment is being seen and heard.

Anxiety treatment is awareness, acceptance, and action.

Anxiety treatment is developing a solid foundation (eating, sleeping, and exercising).

Anxiety treatment is supportive, guided, and safe.

Still unsure? Let me tell you a story.

Simone had always been known as the "worrier" in their family, a trait noticed early by their mother. As a child, Simone was often restless, filled with questions and a desire to manage everything around them. Their mother would gently remind them to relax and take a break, but Simone found it hard to be as laid-back as their sister, who seemed content with simple pleasures like lounging and watching TV. Simone's mind was like a constantly spinning merry-go-round, replaying and revising past events, leaving them frequently exhausted and tense. 

Dealing with headaches, shallow breathing, and an upset stomach was a daily norm for Simone. They assumed everyone experienced these feelings until a conversation with a coworker, Colleen, sparked a shift in perspective. Colleen, who moved with a graceful, almost ethereal ease, asked Simone about the effectiveness of their worrying. "Does it really prevent bad things from happening?" she inquired. Simone had to admit that their worries rarely came to fruition. This revelation led Simone to question the usefulness of their constant anxiety.

Observing Colleen's easygoing interaction with others, Simone began to wonder if seeking help for anxiety could lead to a more relaxed and fulfilling life. Could embracing a new approach, perhaps through therapy, allow them to experience the world more like Colleen did?

This story highlights the importance of self-reflection and considering alternative ways of dealing with worry and anxiety. Like Simone, you may find that questioning long-held beliefs about worry can lead to positive changes. If you relate to Simone's experience, it might be beneficial to explore methods to manage anxiety, such as therapy and mindfulness practices. Remember, seeking help is a courageous step towards a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

Therapy for Anxiety in Decatur, GA, and online in FL

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