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Orlean Jones, MA

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Orlean Jones, an emerging star in the field of psychotherapy and counseling in Decatur, GA, is passionately walking the path of becoming a beacon of hope for overachievers grappling with anxiety and depression. Under the esteemed Clinical Supervision of Ebony Huckabee, LPC, CPCS, and the direction of Jacinta Wills, LPC at 3d Psychotherapy, Orlean is intensively immersed in refining her therapeutic techniques.

Orlean's deep-seated commitment to therapy stems from her intrinsic desire to illuminate the lives of those around her. This dedication is evident as she provides an anchor in a safe, nurturing environment, fostering healing and transformation.

While she's been on a profound journey, her decision to return to school to earn her master's degree stands out, highlighting her dedication to professional advancement in psychotherapy. It speaks volumes about her tenacity to arm herself with the requisite skills and knowledge, ensuring that she's at the forefront of offering effective counseling.

A particular feather in her cap is her astounding connection with children in therapy sessions. Despite initial reservations, her reservoirs of empathy, patience, and sheer dedication have paved the way for profound bonds with her young clients, helping them maneuver through their intricate emotional landscapes.

Beyond the therapeutic setting, Decatur locals might be pleasantly surprised by Orlean's underplayed comedic flair. While she might appear gravely committed to her psychotherapy endeavors, her children vouch for her as a comedic gem, a testament to her ability to weave laughter into the fabric of daily life.

As she navigates the intricate realms of counseling and psychotherapy, Orlean's eyes remain firmly set on the horizon. Her ambition is clear: to emerge as a stalwart therapist in Decatur, GA, offering solace, support, and invaluable guidance to overachievers and all those battling anxiety and depression.


Through her empathetic lens, relentless pursuit of education, and dedication to professional elevation, Orlean Jones aims to be a lighthouse guiding individuals toward a brighter, mentally healthier tomorrow.


"Everyone needs a support system, be it family, friends, coworkers, or therapists. We cannot do life alone and expect to keep mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Everyone needs some sort of support system on which to rely."


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