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Mon, Jul 31


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Grief Education: Loss Acceptance and Healing

The Grief Education: Loss Acceptance and Healing program is a comprehensive and empathetic initiative. It is not therapy. It is for individuals who have experienced loss and are seeking understanding, acceptance, and healing in their grief journey.

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Grief Education:  Loss Acceptance and Healing
Grief Education:  Loss Acceptance and Healing

Time & Location

Jul 31, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Online Event

About the event

Program Objectives: 

The primary objectives of the Grief Education program are as follows: 

a) Educate participants about the various aspects of grief, including its emotional, physical, and psychological impact. 

b) Foster a safe and supportive environment where individuals can express their grief and share their experiences. 

c) Equip participants with coping strategies and tools to navigate the challenges of grief and promote self-care. 

d) Help acceptance of loss and empower participants to integrate their grief into their lives in a healthy and meaningful way. 

e) Provide resources and referrals to more support services as needed.

Program Structure: 

The Grief Education program structure provides participants with educational sessions, group discussions, and activities. The program is six weeks, allowing participants to engage in a progressive journey of healing.

a) Educational Sessions: Jacinta Wills is a certified grief specialist. The experience will cover various topics related to grief, loss, and healing. Participants learn about grief, common emotional reactions, the impact of grief on relationships, and strategies for self-care and resilience.

b) Group Discussions: Group discussions provide a safe space for participants to share their personal stories, emotions, and challenges. These sessions are not therapy. They can be a space of connection among participants who have experienced similar losses. Facilitators encourage active listening and guide to ensure a supportive environment.

c) Activities: The program incorporates various therapeutic activities to help individuals express and process their grief. These activities may include art, journaling, mindfulness exercises, and guided relaxation techniques. Participants are encouraged to explore different modalities and find approaches that resonate with them.

Program Benefits: 

Participating in the Grief Education program offers several benefits to individuals experiencing grief: 

a) Increased Understanding: Participants understand the grief process more deeply, recognizing that their emotions and reactions are normal and valid. This knowledge helps reduce feelings of isolation and promotes self-compassion.

b) Validation and Support: Engaging with a supportive community of individuals who have experienced loss creates a sense of belonging and validation. Sharing stories and emotions in a safe environment can ease feelings of loneliness and encourage healing.

c) Coping Strategies: The program equips participants with practical coping strategies and tools to manage grief-related challenges. These strategies may include self-care practices, stress reduction techniques, and healthy ways to honor and remember loved ones.

d) Acceptance and Integration: By fostering acceptance of loss, the program empowers participants to integrate their grief into their lives in a healthy and transformative manner. This allows individuals to move forward while still honoring the memory of their loved ones.


The Grief Education: Loss Acceptance and Healing program provides a compassionate and comprehensive approach to support individuals in their grief journey. Through education, support, and activities, participants move toward acceptance and healing, allowing them to rebuild their lives with renewed hope and resilience.


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